We are a network of academic and professional services colleagues from the universities of Amsterdam (NL) and Birmingham (UK). We are working collaboratively to share research and best practice to embed EDI across institutional policy and governance, research, and education.

Areas of Focus

The Student Experience

Students are at the heart of the higher education sector. What challenges do our students face when it comes to EDI, and how can we, as researchers and professionals, help to meet these?

Policy and Implementation

Embedding Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in everyday practice remains a central challenge for organisations. How can we embed the latest EDI research into our institutions?

The City

Located as we are in highly diverse cities, how can we harness our experience through research and best practice to support the civic EDI agenda?

Embedding EDI Blog

Recent Posts

  • Age: not just a¬†number
    As many societies have been ageing at an unprecedented rate, it is more important than ever to understand the dynamics of age at work. Intriguingly, research on age has remained relatively limited. We are working together to showcase recent research that addresses the need to better understand the consequences of ageing at work.
  • United through diversity
    Diversity and global connectivity on our campuses provide enriching opportunities for students and staff to share knowledge and experiences with peers from all walks of life. Student Services of UvA and UoB have joined forces to champion cultural diversity and inclusivity through our respective flagship programmes of UvA Exchange Ambassadors and UoB Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Student Ambassadors.
  • STORIE: Our work in inclusive¬†education
    Supporting Transformation of our Organisations by Regenerating Inclusive Education (STORIE). An action based research project which seeks to identify the barriers to participation (that may be environmental, structural and attitudinal) and look for ways of transforming the institutional environment, curriculum and pedagogies to become more inclusive.

Contact Us

University of Birmingham Contact: h.stretton@bham.ac.uk

University of Amsterdam Contact: diversity@uva.nl