Our Collaborations


EDI and the student experience

Student Services of Amsterdam and Birmingham have joined forces to champion cultural diversity and inclusivity through our flagship programmes of UvA Exchange Ambassadors and UoB Equality & Diversity Student Ambassadors. Working together we will enhance our engagement with minority or marginalised groups to promote student mobility and campus participation.

Leads: Dr Sammy Li, Equality and Diversity Advisor for Students, UoB and Guido de Wilde, Manager, International Student Affairs, UvA

The role of ageing in organisations

As many societies have been ageing at an unprecedented rate, it is more important than ever to understand the dynamics of age at work. A joint symposium in 2020, “Not Just a Number: New Frontiers in Research on the Role of Ageing in Organisations,” will showcase recent research that addresses the need to better understand the consequences of ageing at work.

Leads: Professor Joanne Duberley, Deputy Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Equalities), UoB, Dr Seval Gündemir, Social & Behavioural Science, UvA

STORIE: regenerating inclusive education

Brought together by a shared interest in the potential for transforming our institutions through the vehicle of inclusive education, we are working together to identify barriers to participation (that may be environmental, structural and attitudinal) and look for ways of transforming the institutional environment, curriculum and pedagogies to become more inclusive. 

Leads: Professor Julie Allan, Head of School of Education, UoB and Dr Mieke Lopes Cardozo, Senior Lecturer in Education and Inclusive Development

Sexual harassment on campus

Drawing on the latest research across the sector in combating sexual harassment on campus, we will share best practices and experiences and develop joint training materials that will promote a greater understanding of consent; educate those supporting individuals who speak out; and empower bystanders to challenge problematic behaviour.

Leads: Dr Elliot Evans, Lecturer in Modern Languages, UoB, and Our Bodies, Our Voice Foundation, Netherlands

Professor Jo Duberley

Deputy Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Equality, Diversity and Inclusion), UoB

Dr Anne de Graaf

Chief Diversity Officer (Equality, Diversity and Inclusion), UvA

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