Spotlight: Inclusive by design

Diversity within the University of Birmingham is rightly celebrated and spoken of with a profound sense of pride, but how can we ensure that we build on existing programmes and make the University a more welcoming and safe space for everyone? In a recent interview for Buzz (UoB’s award winning magazine), colleagues from the Equality and Diversity team, and the Birmingham International Academy, spoke about what the University is doing to improve equality and diversity.

Read the full article here (pages 12 to 13)

Within the article, the E&D team discusses the adoption of the Construction Industry Council’s Principles of Inclusive Design and the commitment to embed these principles into the design of new buildings and spaces on campus.

The Principles of Inclusive Design

  • Place people at the heart of the design process
  • Acknowledge diversity and difference
  • Offer choice where a single solution cannot accommodate all users
  • Provide for flexibility in use
  • Create an environment that is convenient and enjoyable for everyone to use

Drawing on these principles, the Estates team at UoB have created an Inclusive Design Guide, which outlines best practice in relation to new build and refurbishment projects on campus. The guide takes an in-depth approach to considering accessibility and inclusivity in all areas of design, such as movement around the building, acoustics, wayfinding and signage, inclusive facilities, and provision for quiet spaces and sensory rooms.

You can find the Inclusive Design Guide in our new Resources section where we share policy and best practice resources from both UvA and UoB. If you would like to add to this page, please send us your resource for inclusion.

Image: University of Birmingham’s new Teaching and Learning building.

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