Reflections on Intersections of Cities: Amsterdam meets Birmingham

Dila Gormus and Kamil Rog, student ambassadors from UvA and UoB, reflect on the joint EDI Festival exploring broader conversations about fostering a more inclusive and cohesive community in our diverse cities. The Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) Festival is an annual celebration of the aspects of Amsterdam and Birmingham that make both our UniversitiesContinue reading “Reflections on Intersections of Cities: Amsterdam meets Birmingham”

Teaching Innovations for Inclusive Education: Comenius Carrousel Workshop Reflections

By: dr. Mieke T.A. Lopes Cardozo (UvA), Roxana Dumitrescu and Gabriela Zuntova (students in International Development Studies, UvA What motivates you to work on inclusive higher education? – this was one of the questions that started and guided the active dialogue within the Comenius Carousel workshop on Teaching Innovations for Inclusive Education. The workshop wasContinue reading “Teaching Innovations for Inclusive Education: Comenius Carrousel Workshop Reflections”

Team-working on multicultural campuses

Students and staff from UoB and UvA took part in a joint online multicultural team-working workshop. It was led by UvA’s Manager of International Student Affairs, Guido de Wilde, to explore areas such as intercultural competencies, cultural intelligence and intercultural team working practices, these being increasingly important skills in the workplace.

United through diversity

Diversity and global connectivity on our campuses provide enriching opportunities for students and staff to share knowledge and experiences with peers from all walks of life. Student Services of UvA and UoB have joined forces to champion cultural diversity and inclusivity through our respective flagship programmes of UvA Exchange Ambassadors and UoB Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Student Ambassadors.

STORIE: Our work in inclusive education

Supporting Transformation of our Organisations by Regenerating Inclusive Education (STORIE). An action based research project which seeks to identify the barriers to participation (that may be environmental, structural and attitudinal) and look for ways of transforming the institutional environment, curriculum and pedagogies to become more inclusive.